Passione Blu – a name that embodies our mission.

Passion for what we do, for where we live and work, for the human relations we develop day by day, for the joyful moments we experience and for the proud that only a happy customer can give. Of course, our Passion is blue-colored! The blue of our sea, which fulfils our lives, makes our land brighter and enchants both locals and whoever admires it for the first time!

The whole of these elements is present in the mind of the two business partners (brothers by choice) Dino and Walter. That is why they have established a local tourism enterprise aiming at introducing Trapani and the Egadi islands to whoever wants to admire them from the most genuine perspective: from the sea.

Thus, our choice to use inflatable boats for our trips, to make sure our customers enjoy the most beautiful views of our coasts and dive in the crystal-clear sea of the islands. Our customers will also have the opportunity to taste the typical food of this land and enjoy the comfort of travelling with a small number of other passengers, in order to better experience an unforgettable day that they will always keep in their heart. Through our work, we cannot but taking pride in valuing our territory and promoting its economic growth.

Thousands of customers having already tried our services, together with hundreds of positive reviews, make us understand that the path we are walking is the right one. Our mission is to stay true to our values while making our customers live new wonderful experiences.

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