Cala Rossa (The Red Bay)Favignana

Undoubtedly the most famous bay on the island of Favignana, perhaps of the entire archipelago. The majestic tuff walls surrounding the gulf and the sandy bottom, giving the water an intense turquoise color, make Cala Rossa a place of real enchantment. Of course, you can admire its beauty at all hours of the day, but with the morning light Cala Rossa gives its best.

Its name is intriguing as, according to the legend, it derives from the blood shed during the naval battle between the Romans and Carthaginians in 241 BC. Although fascinating, the battle actually took place elsewhere, and it actually seems more likely that the name derives from the red color of the earth surrounding the bay.

An unmissable bay if you visit the Egadi islands, the Red Bay is one of the stops on our day tour. It is well sheltered by east winds, libeccio and sirocco, while it is exposed to winds from the north.

However, knowing how to interpret the winds of the day, it is possible to visit the bay even on less favorable days. That’s why it is important to rely on a good Skipper!

Bue MarinoFavignana

High tuff walls with many caves. Blue and cobalt sea with posidonia on the bottom giving a spotted effect. The Bue Marino is a natural jewel, rich in beauty and history. Looking at it, one cannot help but be fascinated by the coastline, which tells of one of the oldest and most traditional activities of the island, such as the extraction of tuff.

Sheltered from the western winds, on the right day it is perhaps the most beautiful setting of the Egadi Islands in terms of uniqueness, and even on less favorable days there is something that takes your breath away.

As soon as you arrive, it will be impossible to resist the temptation to take a dip. But be careful! Sea currents are always strong, so we recommend you to always listen to the advice of the Passione Blu team to enjoy an unforgettable day in safety!

Cala Azzurra (Blue Bay)Favignana

We usually visit it first on our tours and the reason is simple: it is a guarantee. The name does not lie about the color of the water, and the transparency of the seabed is unique. Unlike the other bays we visit, Cala Azzura has a quite shallow seabed that allows you to reach the coast with a few strokes, where a natural swimming pool welcomes you. A Caribbean-like setting without sea currents, Cala Azzurra is the ideal place for swimming. The bay is well sheltered from the northern and western winds, so there is almost always the opportunity to admire it in all its beauty.

Sea Stacks of Levanzo

With an undisputed charm, the stacks rise like a pyramid about 50 meters off the coast of Levanzo, in front of a very popular pebble beach. The area is often characterized by the presence of seagulls who have chosen the top of the stacks to nest.

As the coast of Levanzo rises steeply, it provides a natural protective barrier that shelters the stacks from northern winds, such as Gregale and Tramontane. The view of the island of Marettimo is beautiful and, in some days of particular transparency, it appears with clear and marked outlines, providing a unique setting for photo shots and for the eyes of the travelers.

Cala fredda (Cold Bay)Levanzo

Cala Fredda, whose name invites only the bravest to swim, is actually a beautiful bay for swimming and enjoying the seabed. It is located near the village of Levanzo, with the small cemetery that overlooks it, making the scenery even more suggestive and particular. It offers shelter from the northern winds and is thus often chosen by yachtsmen for its beauty and position. The Posidonia almost completely covers the sea bottom, except for the innermost part, which varies from the sand to the pebbles of the internal beach.

The cove is inhabited by countless fish, such as saddled seabreams and garfishes, which are not afraid to approach boats and swimmers in search of something to eat. The aquarium effect is assured.

Cala CalcaraLevanzo

Different. Fascinating. Unique. Cala Calcara has something mystical for those who are able to appreciate it. The seabed is deep even near the coast. The rock walls are high and imposing. The water color is of a breathtaking blue. It is not easy to admire it at its best, as it is exposed to many winds typical of our area, but it is perfectly sheltered from western winds. When the weather is good, it is an unmissable stop for a last swim and to relax surrounded by a placid and enchanting blue. It is often possible to admire large fishes swimming under the boats in the glassy space of a sea depth of up to 20 meters, while watching wild goats that run from the high cliffs almost to the sea.

If you close your eyes and go back with your imagination, it is very exciting to think that at Cala Calcara more than 2000 years ago the ships of the Romans waited for the Carthaginians to make them fall into a trap, sink their ships and give a decisive turn to the fortunes of the war!

Cala MinnolaLevanzo

An oasis both wild and quiet. The name derives from a blue fish typical of our area. It is probably the only cove between Favignana and Levanzo to have a beautiful pine forest close to the coast, in contrast to the Mediterranean scrub that colors the two islands. Sheltered from the Ponente and the Mistral, the cove offers an ideal shelter for anchoring from its outermost to its innermost part, where a rock slide allows swimmers to comfortably enjoy the splendid waters.

Village of Levanzo

Set on the southern side of the island, it looks like a nativity scene with its typical houses and streets overlooking the small commercial and fishing port. Perhaps calling it a port is improper, given the incredible color and transparency of the sea. Well sheltered from the winds blowing from the north, it is an unmissable stop. Taking at least one photo is a must, to bring with you the memory of one of the most beautiful pearls in the Mediterranean. In our company, it is a stop that you will not miss!

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